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Name:Leo Edward Bronson
Birthdate:Jun 3

- more than the eye can see -

Leo Bronson was born Louise Bronson, the only daughter of Mark, a local area sports announcer in Chicago, and Sheri, a hair stylist, joined several years later by her little brother, Kolbie. From the time she was small, Louise was always a tomboy, preferring to be called Lou. From very early childhood, her best friend was Jace Turner, a little boy with a penchant for tutus and princess dresses. It was a funny little dynamic they had, Jace the effeminate little gay queen, and Lou, the tomboy not really comfortable in her own female skin.

Still, they found that one of the happiest places for them was always in each other's presence. They were extremely close, and Lou loved Jace's big brothers, too. They grew up together, lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school. It was one day on a regular walk home from school that Lou saw Jace be hit by a car right in front of her. He went through hell, and was permanently brain damaged after the fact, but he and Lou still remained best friends. Their friendship just became very different in the adjustment time to Jace's brain injury. Jace didn't come back to school, and he and Lou didn't get to spend nearly so much time together anymore.

They remained friends, and Lou tried as much as he could to be there for Jace, but the truth remained that she was struggling with the realization that she didn't fit in her own skin. She had always loved boyish things, but she'd never really understood why she didn't just feel okay being that girl who tagged along with her dad and dressed more like a boy. As she got a bit older, she began to do her research and one day, after graduating high school, and saying goodbye to Jace who'd headed to New York with his big brother Evan, that Lou realized that what she was feeling wasn't all that out there. And that maybe, she was a boy after all, something she'd always sort of felt, even though she hadn't been able to put it to words.

Her family was extremely supportive, though it was a difficult thing to take in at first, and they all helped her begin the transition of becoming a man. It was in the midst of all that, that Lou took the name Leo Edward Bronson... Edward for his paternal grandfather, and Leo to keep something similar the Louise that he'd gotten from his grandmother. He slowly, but surely, made the full transition to being a man, and while it definitely hasn't been easy along the way, he is far more comfortable in his own skin nowadays than he ever was before. With a new outlook on life, Leo has made the move to New York City, hoping to go to school, but also to reconnect with Jace, in hopes that they might be able to rekindle the friendship they once had.

Leo is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Leo is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Erika Linder, who belongs to herself.

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